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About Me

Welcome on in!

My name is David Diebold, and I am Co-Founder, editor, photographer and webcast host for the space news group Space Scout. I was Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1993 and have lived in the Pelican state since, though that hasn't stopped me chasing down rocket launches in recent years.

I am a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana, having graduated(after a few major changes) in December of 2020 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Communication. 

I've been live-streaming video game content on my Twitch channel since 2012, and rocket launch content since 2017. In that time I've taken to yearly fundraising through the use of my platform on Twitch and have raised over $28,000 for the military charity StackUp since 2017.

My passion for live-streaming lead me to streaming the rocket launches on my trips down to the Space Coast in Florida, which eventually lead me to getting better and better camera gear. I bought my first DSLR in early 2021, and that sparked a major love of non-amateur photography. Eventually this would lead to me covering the launches I go to for Space Scout, with my first accreditation coming for the NG-16 International Space Station Resupply in Aug. 2021.

If you want to keep up with what I'm doing whether it's upcoming launch trips or just my next livestream, you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Twitch. If you'd like to help me out and support what I do, you can even stop by my KoFi!

Thanks for stopping by my site here. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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